Rachel Tansey

ecologicalspaceship is the website of Rachel Tansey, Rachel Tanseyfreelance writer, researcher and campaigner on environmental, economic, social and climate justice issues.

Now based in Scotland, Rachel’s background is in research and campaigning for a series of Brussels-based non-governmental organisations such as Friends of the Earth Europe, Corporate Europe Observatory, and the Quaker Council for European Affairs. Rachel’s academic background is in philosophy and politics, having studied her MA at the University of Edinburgh.

Over the past four years, Rachel has done consultancy work for Corporate Europe Observatory, LobbyControl, the Transnational Institute, the New Economics Foundation, a Green Member of European Parliament, the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation and Friends of the Earth Europe, among others.

Why ecologicalspaceship?

Eco means home.globe.jpg

Logical is what we would be to apply the precautionary principle in a case where the risk is potentially cataclysmic, and the gains of our destruction are comparatively tiny.

Ecological space refers to the proportion of the earth’s biologically productive land and water area required to produce the resources we consume and to assimilate the wastes generated, using prevailing technology.

Combined with the fact that no human being has any intrinsic value greater than that of any other, you get the ecological footprint – an equal per capita share of ecological space, calculated to keep us within the carrying capacity of our spaceship, the earth.