Poverty, Inequality and Climate Change

Challenges on the road to sustainable energy security in Europe and beyond

CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 bosse76, via Flickr

CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 bosse76, via Flickr

Published by: Quaker Council for European Affairs, October 2011

Writing and research: Rachel TanseyAs a programme assistant at the Quaker Council for European Affairs 2010-2011, Rachel expanded the work on sustainable energy to consider the broader economic paradigm which drives energy and resource consumption. The briefing paper ‘Poverty, inequality and climate change’ is intended to create discussion on the need for policy coherence between climate change, energy, external action (including conflict prevention), trade, economic policy, and international development as these all relate directly to a sustainable future for those within Europe and those in other areas.

quakers_ecoThe paper considers the way in which energy security must be carried out so as not to have a negative impact, economically or ecologically, on countries of the Global South. It also makes links with work being done by various different Quaker organisations on the inter-related areas of international development and economic recovery to climate change mitigation and conflict prevention.

Briefing: Poverty, inequality and climate change (Oct 2011)

See QCEA website: http://www.qcea.org/work/energy/briefing-papers/

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