Sustainable growth or growth versus sustainability

Examining the relationships between resource use, climate emissions and economic growth

CC BY Images_of_Money via Flickr

CC BY Images_of_Money via Flickr

Published by: Quaker Council for European Affairs, May 2011
Writing and research: Rachel Tansey

As a programme assistant at the Quaker Council for European Affairs 2010-2011, Rachel expanded the work on sustainable energy to consider the broader economic paradigm which drives energy and resource consumption. The briefing paper ‘Sustainable growth or growth versus sustainability‘ is intended to stimulate discussion and debate on how our economic system relates to resource use and climate change.

The discussion paper encourages people to think beyond personal commitments to sustainable lifestyles, and to examine how the economic systems we participate in are implicated in poverty, inequality and environmental degradation.

The paper looks at the critiques and debates that increasingly surround issues like economic growth and its overarching purpose, environmental externalities, finite resources, ecological space, relative and absolute decoupling, rates of efficiency increases, technology, the precautionary principle and sustainability.

Briefing: Sustainable growth or growth versus sustainability (May 2011)

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